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Gold Crystal Hummingbird Anklet, Hummingbird Ankle Bracelet, Dainty Hummingbird Anklet

$ 65.00

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Adorable hummingbird anklet made with a dainty 14x12mm 14k gold filled and crystal hummingbird charm and 14k gold filled chain with a 14k gold filled lobster clasp.  A special gift for a lover of hummingbirds.

Choose the size anklet you need from the drop-down menu, bearing in mind that the anklet should be approximately one inch larger than the size of your ankle.

The anklet will arrive in an attractive gift box.


Hummingbird Symbolism and Meaning

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, measuring only three to four inches in size.  Although tiny in size they hold an incredible amount of positive, powerful energy and are universally loved.  Throughout history they have symbolized different things for different cultures, but these tiny beings have always symbolized good luck.  Hummingbirds also symbolize beauty, sweetness, joy, and healing.  Because of their beautiful jewel-like vibrant colors they are associated with vibrancy, vitality, and variety. 

Other fun facts:  Hummingbirds got their name from the humming sound that their wings make as they fly.  Besides being the smallest birds in the world (their eggs are the size of peas), they are the only birds that can fly backwards and upside down.  Hummingbirds are known for their intelligence, and they can also hear better and see farther than humans.