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Amethyst Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings

$ 50.00

amethyst earrings
amethyst teardrop earrings
amethyst sterling silver earrings
amethyst earrings
amethyst earrings

Amethyst Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings

$ 50.00

These pretty earrings are made with amethyst sterling silver teardrop pendants with sterling silver earring hooks.  The earrings are approximately 3/4th (1.905cm) of an inch long (not including the earring hooks).

The earrings will arrive in an attractive gift box.

Amethyst Folklore

Amethyst is the birthstone for February but for believers in the historical power and folklore of crystals and gemstones, attest that amethyst is a powerful healing crystal.  It offers the person who carries it, among other things:

  • Wisdom
  • Relief from grief
  • Clarity of thought
  • Relief from stress
  • Relief from insomnia

Amethyst is the Greek word that means “without drunkenness” the name chosen for amethyst because of its sobering powers.  So, amethyst is great stone for someone who is dealing with an addiction.  Amethyst is also a thoughtful gift for someone who is going through the grief process or dealing with other painful life changes.


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