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Locket bracelet handmade - Heart locket - Silver - Locket pendant - Pendants with photo - Necklaces

There’s something deeply romantic about silver lockets, especially locket pendants with photos. Sterling silver locket bracelets are also quite charming—our heart locket bracelets are extremely popular gifts for Mother’s Day, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries.

When you gift a handmade locket bracelet or sterling silver locket necklace, it sends a message that you treasure that person. Because of their hidden compartment, lockets often signify intimacy and sweet secrets between lovers. When bought for a mother, lockets are a keepsake that can hold a child’s photo or a lock of their hair. It’s a thoughtful present that keeps families close to their mother’s heart when they’re apart.

For the maverick woman, the abalone sterling silver locket and the sterling silver crystal heart are both gorgeous statement pieces that tastefully pair with a delicate long chain necklace.

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