October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Shop Tali’s Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. 25% of profit from sales of breast cancer pieces will be donated.

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Cloisonne necklace - Bracelets - Antique cloisonne jewelry - Silver Cloisonné - clossoine earrings

Worn by cultivated women worldwide, cloisonné jewelry stems from an ancient art form that combines thin gold wire with finely ground enamel to form intricate designs. Our collection features a wonderful variety of cloisonne necklaces, including cloisonne pendants that vary from bright hues to simple, elegant silver.

For a touch of artful color, our cloisonne bracelets and earrings are perfect as a pair or as separates. For bold, beautiful women who truly want to accentuate their flair for style, our blue cloisonne gold filigree or gold black onyx cloisonne pieces are daring and original. Fashionistas who want to mix hyper-modern with antique chic will love our long cloisonne pendant chains.

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